What is Off-Site SEO?

What is Off-Site SEO? Off-site SEO pertains to activities done to boost webpage rankings but with no direct effect on the page content itself. This is different from on-site SEO that refers to steps taken to optimize web pages and make them earn higher Google rankings.

Off-site SEO has mainly focuses on building links technically know as backlinks.


What is Off-Site SEO activities?


Below are some of the best examples of off-site SEO activities:


Competitor Outreach and Research


Through proper analysis of the links of your competitors, you will be able to discover some opportunities to acquire similar links. It is recommended to use the right tools to check the websites that link to your competitors then take actions to gather the same links to your site. Most of the time, you will see that the links of your competitor are made up of blog mentions, press releases, and directory submissions.


Leverage Offline Relationships


You can ask for links from organizations and businesses that you are currently affiliate with. These can include associations that you are a part of, referral partners you do business with on a constant basis, and charities that are under your sponsorship.


Press Releases


Every time a press release is submitted and gets distributed, the syndicated mentions will help in building more links to your site together with citations in case your release includes the name of your business, its phone number and address.


Directory Submissions


This refers to submitting to national, local, and industry-specific directories. It is recommended to submit only to relevant and quality directories to establish an initial link foundation. Also, if you want to boost your local rankings, these directories will help you build citations through mentioning your business name, phone number, and address.


Guest Blogging


Through publishing your blog articles on several blogs, it will be possible for you to get a link and byline in the article that points back to your site. Such links will help create relevant traffic directed to your site on top of links that will help increase your rankings.


Social Media


This list of off-site SEO activities will never be complete without mentioning social media. Promoting the content of your website with the help of social media will help boost its visibility through social networks as well as help you acquire more links. Most SEO experts are at a consensus that social media engagement now plays a growing role when it comes to SEO rankings.


The Bottom Line


There you go, all about “What is Off-Site SEO”. As far as off-site SEO is concerned, all you have to do is come up with high quality relevant content and the rest will just take care of itself. This high quality content will not only be shared more as it will also get linked to even more. Contents that are relevant and high quality are self-promoting and there is no need for you to work hard to make it rank better in the search results.

Aside from high quality content, you also need to pair it with good social media and link building strategy to properly execute off-site SEO and reach the top of search results.

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