Website Design Services


After analyzing the market and target audience, a custom website will be designed to convert people who visit the website into possible ROI and also to maximize your place in search. We develop SEO friendly websites.  The websites have in-built SEO. They have easy accessibility, ease of use, and high performance. The website will be designed in such a way that it would support current and future SEO efforts. It is our duty to guide you as to how configuration can be done, give you plugin recommendations, and give you detailed guidance on the use of themes. The website will be user friendly. Our web design services commence from the search engine results page to website contents.

Our website are designed using the latest technology and codes. It will make use of highly functional options without compromising the performance and workings of the website. The custom website will rank higher in search engines.

Our website design services provide high-end security and protection. The website will provide a secure environment for you and the people who visit the site. This is very important because visitors like to feel safe when assessing websites. The website will be designed in such a way that search engines will not be able to guess the crucial contents of the website. Because our websites are designed with the best technology and codes, this means that the website will be very fast, flexible and will attract search engines.

Our clients are assured of a standardized website that meets international requirements, as our team of programmers are always on deck to provide up to date technological improvements. The overall handling of websites may also be a problem for most of our clients, due to the constant upgrades and innovation, this has allowed us to include assisting in the running of the websites. At the same time, the content need can either be provided by the clients or left to our discretion. We are very confident of our webmasters based on their previous work’s efficiency and constant search for knowledge through certifications and exams. This would further guarantee our clients of well-directed website services that would be SEO friendly.


Features of our Web design services

Mobile Friendly website

Mobile-Friendly Websites

It has now become a norm to use your mobile devices as a pathway to access contents online. This has increased the drive for more mobile-friendly websites, making it more comfortable to enjoy great content online

Optimized Landing pages

Optimized Landing pages

Landing pages are tools that help boost the success of your campaigns and online ad programs. Our well-optimized landing page gives enough space to post resources, be it an Ad or a new product that needs to be in front of your other services. This boosts your website’s ROI and brings in more profit for your websites.

Personalized website design

Personalized website design

Our websites are also designed to meet our clients’ optimal satisfaction, as we use renowned templates and well-structured user interface designs.

SEO Services


Does your website have little or no traffic? Have you been looking for a way to get more people to visit your website? Is your business suffering because of the low traffic on your website?

Well, what you need is a good SEO consulting service, which is what we are. At SEO Consulting Toronto, we offer SEO services to companies who are looking for the best and effective solution for the SEO issues of their websites. We have helped many businesses to successfully gain more customers and ultimately more profit, and we want to help you too.

At SEO Consulting Toronto, we believe that you can get the right customers for your business if the right things are done in the right way. We offer professional SEO services, which are all aimed at making you be seen by the customers who are looking for your product or service.

Our SEO Services Include

Off-page SEO Optimization

Site and
SEO Audit

We will take a holistic and comprehensive audit of your website, with the goal of finding areas where your website has SEO issues.

This will help us to know the specific SEO and content strategy to employ for your business as we believe that each business has special, tailor-made SEO strategies for its development.

Our team of SEO auditors and specialists will work together to better understand your business, its SEO issues, and the best solution to it.

Competitor Evaluation


We do not stop at analyzing your website; we also evaluate your competitors, both online and offline, to find out why they are performing better than you are. Armed with our findings, we will focus on the best strategy in out-ranking them through exploiting the loopholes in their SEO and marketing strategies.
Our competitor evaluation is a periodic exercise, as we would always be on the lookout for new ways your competitors are trying to out-rank you and devising better strategies for your business.

Personalized Strategy


Each business is unique, and that is the reason we will create a personalized SEO strategy for your business.

Yes, you and your competitors might have the same customer target, but our SEO approach will drive those customers to your website.

Also, our personalized SEO service is aimed at maximizing the return on investment of your business.

On-page SEO Optimization


On-page SEO Optimization

Our SEO experts armed with the right skill will create SEO so that your website is well optimized for various search engines like Google and Bing.

We update the necessary features of an SEO-friendly post as well as optimizing your site’s page speed.

SEO is a never-ending business. That is why we will continually run maintenance 

Off Page Seo

Off-page SEO Optimization

We offer expert off-page services — monitoring your backlink profile and building relevant and high authority backlinks. We also promote your website content to webmasters and relevant bloggers, write SEO-friendly and shareable content for your website’s blog, monitoring your brand’s mentions across different social media platforms, and also optimizing tour business’s Google My Business profile.

Monthly SEO

Monthly SEO

We are very transparent in all we do.

That is why we will send you monthly performance reports of your business’s SEO strategy for you to also track the progress of your business.

checks on your website and make sure that it is optimized and up to date with the latest trends in Google algorithm updates.


SEO Consulting Toronto makes use of search engine optimization as a strategy to get the optimum best out of your website by making it the first page ranking in search. The right methods and tactics used are to bring about a higher competitive edge in search results, improve a website’s presence, and provide a top search engine placement.

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